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consumer protection lawyers in Moscow

 Serbest law firm, the core of which is made up of graduates of the Moscow State Law Academy, has an impressive 15 years of experience in all areas of jurisprudence. In our arsenal there is a huge number of successfully completed court cases and complex transactions with the benefit of the client.


We understand that the worldwide network is simply saturated with a variety of legal sites. You ask, what is our difference from competitors.

We will answer succinctly: before providing legal services, you can ask your question to our specialists. If you are satisfied with the quality of the response provided through our service, you will certainly continue to cooperate with us.

This means that now you do not have to apply for legal services to questionable consulting and legal companies. You have the opportunity to ask your question completely free of charge in the "Contacts" section or via the online chat service and get a qualified answer from our lawyer.

We are engaged in representing the client's interests in all courts, including arbitration courts, registration of LLCs and individual entrepreneurs, problems in the field of consumer protection, issues related to real estate, registration of LLCs and individual entrepreneurs Moscow.

The advantages of our website:

  • The opportunity to receive qualified assistance without leaving your home or office;

  • Saving money and time;

  • Nice design of the site interface. The site is not cluttered with unnecessary information and useless advertising;

We carefully process each request, conduct an analysis and involve all our resources in the case. After all, our site was created specifically for these purposes. Registration of LLC and IE Moscow.

Thanks for attention!

Yours faithfully,

Head of Serbest Law Firm


Ibragimov Namig

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