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Составление и анализ договоров в москве
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Составление и анализ договоров в москве

Drafting and analysis of contracts in Moscow, consumer protection lawyers in Moscow, Drafting and analysis of contracts in Moscow, consumer protection lawyers in Moscow

Defense in courts(arbitration)

Drafting and analysis of contracts in Moscow

There is no one-size-fits-all method of litigation, as every case requires careful analysis. To correctly determine the future prospects of the case, it is necessary to have deep knowledge in the field of civil, arbitration procedural legislation.

However, knowledge of laws without practical application also does not lead to the desired results.


Participation in legal proceedings takes a lot of time and effort from a person, given that due to some circumstances the case is constantly postponed.


We will take part in the consideration of your case in courts of all levels, thereby saving your time, saving your nerves and achieving the desired result

Registration of  companies and individual entrepreneurs

In order to start a successful business, an important factor is the competent execution of all documents related to the legalization of a future enterprise.

The legislation provides for registration as an individual entrepreneur and legal entity.

There are various forms of legal entities.


Organizations in the form of LLC and JSC are common, you can also open a non-profit organization, be it a foundation or a non-profit partnership. Our specialists are not only aware of all the legal intricacies of registration actions, but also have a very rich experience in communicating with tax inspectorates and other registration authorities.

Drafting and analysis of contracts in Moscow

Consumer protection

In a market economy, the abundance of goods and services can make anyone's head spin. All people are sometimes very gullible and do not pay attention to documentary formalities when purchasing goods or services.

Such inattention can lead to the most unexpected consequences. You can often find unscrupulous sellers who are ready to do anything for the sake of profit. In these cases, it is very useful to use the services of our lawyers.

If you are already caught in the network of such sellers, you must use your consumer rights. Only in case of manifestation of an active position by contacting the appropriate state bodies and the court, you can achieve the desired result.

We are always ready to assist you in the competent preparation of all the necessary documents and represent your interests in all state bodies and courts.

Drafting and analysis of contracts and other documents

It is no secret that every day you have to deal with such a large amount of documentation and information that it is not difficult to get into the networks of dishonest people. Therefore, documents related to serious transactions must be analyzed from the point of view of the current legislation and in terms of profitability. Drafting and analysis of contracts in Moscow.

We are well aware that it will not take much effort to find information on any types of transactions and documents on the World Wide Web. However, you should take into account that this information is of a template nature and may not take into account the specifics of your specific needs. Drafting and analysis of contracts in Moscow.

In this case, you cannot do without special knowledge. Our knowledge and experience is your key to navigating the myriad of legal terminologies and documents.

Drafting and analysis of contracts in Moscow

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Montly services for entrepreneurs

As the business develops, there is a great need for legal assistance in processing documents and resolving conflict situations with counterparties. Due to ignorance, entrepreneurs may conclude dubious contracts that do not meet their interests. Also, due to an unprepared position, you can lose a lawsuit.


In order not to bother looking for lawyers, we can provide you with monthly comprehensive and subscription services. We have rich experience in this area and have been cooperating for a long time with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Real estate transactions 

The purchase and sale of real estate is perhaps the most important transaction for each of us. If you are going to sell real estate, we will provide maximum conditions for avoiding fraud.


If you are planning to buy real estate, we will provide an opinion on the legal purity of the transaction. Without such a check in the future, you can be left without money and without real estate.

We will also prepare all the necessary documents and represent your interests in the relevant authorities for the registration of real estate.


insurance disputes

Insurance companies find thousands of reasons not to pay insurance compensation. And if insurance companies do decide to pay, this amount is not enough to repair the car. In addition, recently, there are often cases when citizens are faced with a license revocation or bankruptcy of insurance companies.


We will make every effort to resolve the insurance dispute out of court. If the case goes to court, we seek the insurance company with the benefit of the client all ponesnnye loss penalty, fine, legal expenses and compensation for moral damage.

Registration of trademarks and patents

A trademark is a designation that individualizes the goods of legal entities or individual entrepreneurs.


In practice, the following trademarks are distinguished: verbal, pictorial, sound, volumetric and others. The function of a trademark is to create an associative relationship for consumers between the designation and the business reputation of entrepreneurs promoting a product or service on the market.

The rights to use a trademark must be registered in the manner prescribed by law


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